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The balls are juiced, and Giants FanPulse voters couldn’t be happier

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San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

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Every so often, the FanPulse computer generates a question for all voters. For the 21st week of FanPulse voting, the computer asked, “Did MLB intentionally ‘juice’ the ball this season?”

Unsurprisingly, and overwhelmingly, FanPulse voters said “Yes.”

I’m very interested to know what the 32% think happened to lead to historic home run rates. Is this burying one’s head in the sand-level ignorance? Is it a troll job by the “too cool for school, but still signed up to be a FanPulse voter just to feel like they’re a part of something” crowd? Or is there a genuine belief that hitters are better and pitchers are worse? Or maybe... “the analytics” are to blame?

Regardless, Giants FanPulse voters are pleased that the Giants are doing so well... which may very well be in part because of those juiced balls. Since July 1st, the Giants’ 52 home runs are 7th in the NL (18th in MLB), which has contributed to a 25-14 record. Those 25 wins are the most in the National League over that span.

And, wouldn’t you know it, since July 1st, FanPulse voters’ confidence in the team’s direction has gone up and up and up.

After last week’s dip to 77%, confidence is back up to 88%. Bruce Bochy’s approval rating rose right along with it, back up to 90%.

Compared to the rest of the voting body, Giants fans are as confident in their team as A’s fans, tying them for 5th. Only Cleveland (100%), Houston (100%), Tampa Bay (95%) and... Baltimore (92%) have inspired great confidence.

Let’s interrogate that Baltimore number for a moment: the fans are clearly confident that the team will be unwatchably awful for the rest of their lives, right? That’s what’s happening here, isn’t it?

In the meantime, Giants fans have all the confidence of a playoff-bound fan base.