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Monday BP, 8/12/19

Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

And what a morning it is, after such a thrilling win last night. Speaking of thrills, the Giants announced before yesterday’s game that they will be retiring Will Clark’s number next season (which means it is now effectively retired). Which was a delightful surprise!

If you’re looking for some good off-day reading, I recommend this article from Julie Parker of where she spends some time with the unsung heroes of Oracle Park, the grounds crew. After reading about the loving way in which they care for every aspect of the field — from the portable mound that was implemented in 2008 to the science of soil — it is clear that the mark of a great crew is that you never really have a reason to notice their work.

One of the best anecdotes in the piece, however, is Matt Cain noticing and including them in his special moment after the perfect game:

Long after the Buster Hugs, the dogpile, the standing ovations and the Gatorade shower from Melky Cabrera, Cain and his wife came back out on the field to document his monumentous achievement with pictures.

Elliott and his staff, who had been working on removing the pitching rubber and home plate for authentication, halted to give the couple space. Elliott said they were surprised when Cain turned to them and asked the crew to join in the photo.

A great read about a very important part of the organization, a group that does so much more than people might think.