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McCovey Chroncast #83: The Giants traded Mark Melancon

A flurry of moves saw what was once thought to be the Giants’ most immovable contract actually moved. Bryan and Doug talk it out.

2013 MLB All-Star Red Carpet Show Presented By Chevrolet Photo by Mike Pont/FilmMagic

It was one of the busiest trade deadlines in Giants history and it didn’t involve the two biggest names on the roster. Just exactly how did Farhan Zaidi get the Braves to take on all of Mark Melancon’s contract? Who did the Giants get in exchange for Melancon, Sam Dyson, Drew Pomeranz, and Ray Black?

Join Bryan and Doug as they go over all that and hear Farhan Zaidi in his own words explain not only why the deadline shook out the way it did but also his philosophy for managing a baseball team. He’s been extremely consistent for his entire professional career. Also, Bryan reveals two trades he thinks will help and hurt the Giants in the NL West.

This episode features audio clips of the 2013 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Thank you to them for granting permission of their use. Farhan Zaidi, who was still with the A’s at the time of the conference, was a panelist, and in this episode, Bryan goes through a few select quotes to underscore Zaidi’s consistency of vision, which really signals the direction of the franchise and the thinking behind these deadline moves.

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