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Thursday BP, 8/1/19

New York Yankees v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

We did it! We survived Tradepocalypse 2019! I’m pretty happy with my predictions from yesterday. I predicted that Bumgarner and Smith would stay, called Pomeranz and Dyson leaving (kind of, they were two of four of my possible picks), and predicted that Panik would be the random twist. Well, it looks like that might still come to fruition, even if it isn’t a trade, so I’d say my instincts were right, at least.

Obviously we all had different predictions and hopes for the deadline and not everyone was going to walk away from yesterday happy about all the decisions that were made. That said, I really do think they did their best to try to appease as many warring factions as they could. They didn’t stand pat, but they didn’t really go all in on buying or selling either. They got some farm players and some that can contribute now. It was everything I think we should have expected from Farhan Zaidi from what he has shown us so far.

I think the most impressive part was unloading the entire dollar amount of Mark Melancon’s contract and even managing to get players back. That didn’t ever seem like a possibility, and I’m grateful that Melancon agreed to the trade and I wish him nothing but the best with his new team.

What impressed you the most? What upset you the most?