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2019 Home Run Derby Open Thread

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The juiced balls finally get a showcase.

2004 MLB All Star Game - Century 21 Home Run Derby Photo by Steve Grayson/WireImage

If you’re not yet sick of all the home runs being hit, here’s your open thread for tonight’s Home Run Derby airing on ESPN tonight, beginning at 5pm. ESPN 2 will have a “Statcast” broadcast at the same time, so switch over there if you want to mainline launch angles and exit velocities.

There’s also a cash prize betting “challenge” hosted by MLB:

2019 HR Derby Bracket Challenge

Presented by T-Mobile

Link to game here:

The rules: Pick a perfect bracket and predict the longest HR (player and distance) to compete to win $250,000 from MLB

If you need a refresher on how MLB has revamped the derby, here’s a link:


The 2019 Home Run Derby winner will get a $1 million prize, Major League Baseball announced Thursday, part of a multifaceted deal with the MLB Players Association. The total player prize money for the Home Run Derby -- scheduled for Monday, July 8, during All-Star Week in Cleveland -- will be increased to $2.5 million, including the $1 million going to the winner.

So, the players will be playing for something. I suppose if you want to make it really interesting for yourself, you can jump in on the bracket challenge and try to win $250,000 yourself. You’ll need a perfect bracket, however. Here are the matchups:

Left side of bracket

1) Matt Chapman, OAK vs. 8) Vlad Guerrero Jr., TOR

4) Alex Bregman, HOU vs. 5) Joc Pederson, LA

Right side of bracket

(2) Pete Alonso, NYM vs. (7) Carlos Santana, CLE

(3) Josh Bell, PIT vs. (6) Ronald Acuna Jr., ATL

Here are the odds for the champion:

Josh Bell - 3/1
Christian Yelich - 7/2
Pete Alonso - 5/1
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 5/1
Ronald Acuna Jr. - 8/1
Joc Pederson - 9/1
Carlos Santana - 9/1
Alex Bregman - 10/1

In the meantime, while you’re waiting around, here are some choice home runs from the Giants’ first half:

Oh, and then there’s this:

That’s right. Last night, the Giants’ lefty reliever, whom they acquired from the Angels in exchange for Chris Stratton, hit a home run off of Reno’s backup catcher.