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Monday BP, 7/8/19

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MLB All Star Game, Nationals, Home Run Derby Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven! And Happy Monday! Or should I say, Happy Derby Day!

If I’m reading this right, the Giants haven’t had a participant since Barry Bonds in the 2004 Derby in Houston, which makes me sad. And, considering the Giants only have one team member headed to the All Star Festivities altogether, (assuming Will Smith hasn’t been traded by the time this publishes), this year’s events don’t hold much rooting interest for San Francisco.

Still, though, with the changes to the format, the derby has been quite a lot more entertaining the last few years. So it’s worth checking out.

Let me know down below who you think will win. I’d post the list, but I’m pre-writing this due to our travel this last weekend, so it hasn’t been fully announced yet for past-me.

Also, I’m interviewing friend of the site Carmen Kiew tonight for the McCovey Chronicles Happy Hour podcast. So let me know if you have any questions for her!