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Giants vs. Cardinals, 7/6

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Bumgarner (5-7, 4.02 ERA) vs. Mikolas (5-8, 4.34 ERA)

Att Park

It’s McCovey Chronicles Night at Oracle Park!

For those of you in attendance, I hope it is a grand and glorious time. For the rest of you . . . well, I hope you enjoy the game from afar, talking about it with your fellow McCoven who aren’t at the yard (and maybe a few who are!).

The San Francisco Giants are at . . . I was going to say a pivotal point, but that’s just too much. The team is nine games below .500, and near the bottom of the National League. Regardless of what they do today, they likely emerge from the All-Star Break with a gigantic “Fire Sale” sign on the window.

Still. The’ve won five of their last seven games, and have looked like a good baseball team over the last week. They have just two games left before the All-Star Game to keep that up, or remind us that it was all a mirage.

That starts tonight.

Here’s what the St. Louis Cardinals will bring to the table - it’s the exact same squad (minus the pitcher) that won the series opener on Friday.

3B - Tommy Edman
RF - Jose Martinez
SS - Paul DeJong
1B - Paul Goldschmidt
LF - Tyler O’Neill
CF - Dexter Fowler
C - Matt Wieters
2B - Kolten Wong
P - Miles Mikolas

And for the Giants:

1B - Brandon Belt
RF - Mike Yastrzemski
C - Buster Posey
LF - Alex Dickerson
3B - Pablo Sandoval
SS - Brandon Crawford
CF - Kevin Pillar
2B - Joe Panik
P - Madison Bumgarner

This could be the last start in Bumgarner’s Giants career. Enjoy it!