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BreakingT 4th of July Flash Sale — 20% off **everything**

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The Dickerson shirt? “Let Pablo Pitch”? Warriors shirts? All 20% off.

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BreakingT has captured the high point of the season with their latest creation: this Alex Dickerson shirt

— made this striking sequel

to last year’s hit,

as well as a hoodie for any occasion:

Thanks to a flash sale this weekend, you can get all or any of these items as well as any part of BreakingT’s Bay Area Collection — featuring the Giants, Warriors, Sharks and et cetera — for 20% this weekend only using promo code USA20.

USA20 gets you 20% off everything site wide — no exclusions. Shirts, hoodies, mugs, kids items, etc. So, if you’ve been on the fence about getting your Alex Dickerson shirt or simply wanting to remember Hunter Pence with BreakingT’s Hunter Was Here shirt, maybe this sale will nudge you in the direction of a purchase.

The Bay Area Collection link will give you all the Giants stuff in one place, but again, the promo code works site-wide, so, if you’re feeling like picking up a Joel Embiid shirt or something off-topic, explore to your consumery content and use USA20 at checkout.

The sale ends at 11:59pm Pacific on Sunday, July 7th.