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Mike Yastrzemski’s BreakingT is here, and it’s everything Pablo Sandoval could hope for

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Pablo Sandoval couldn’t figure out how to say “Yastrzemski”, so he settled on this, which works.

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We’re at the part of the season where we more or less “get” what kind of team the Giants are, and this year, it’s a team of contributors without a clear star... unless you really want to crown Alex Dickerson, which is fine, but ignores the contributions from so many others, including Mike Yastrzemski.

Well, here’s BreakingT’s latest shirt, one all about Mike Yastrzemski, designed to remind you a few years from now just what went down in 2019.

Pablo Sandoval, Boston Red Sox reject, a clubhouse leader, bestowing upon Mike Yastrzemski, a Baltimore Orioles reject, a new nickname. Just as we imagined before the season began.

Order your Glass of Whiskey t-shirt right here.

Yes, in 2022, you will have a drawer or closet of BreakingT shirts featuring Pablo Sandoval, Alex Dickerson, and Mike Yastrzemski, and you will remember why. For at least one surprising season — Bruce Bochy’s final season — the Giants won with a bunch of random guys.