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McC Happy Hour #4: Jamie Neal

Jamie talks with us about the Giants-A’s rivalry, bandwagons, and the designated hitter.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

This week, Sami was joined by the wonderful Jamie Neal to talk about the Oakland A’s and the bad blood between their respective fanbases as well as Jamie’s annoyances with bandwagons in general, while Sami nit picks her about her definition of bandwagon.

Jamie talks about her campaign to raise money for LGBT+ organizations through bat flips. And we get a little heated about the designated hitter, of which Jamie is not a fan of but Sami is, baseball salaries and how teams use them, and generalizing sports fans in one particular fandom versus the reality of sports fans across the spectrum.

Plus, we share some memories of the 1989 earthquake and decide that that is the reason why the Giants and A’s cannot be good at the same time anymore. Also, we answer your questions for her, even if the answers may not be exactly what you wanted.

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