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Giants @ Padres, 7/27

Anderson (3-2, 4.91 ERA) vs. Quantrill (3-2, 3.76 ERA)

MLB: AUG 25 Diamondbacks at Padres Photo by Derrick Tuskan/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

After yet another extra innings game last night, and with a day game tomorrow, the Giants are likely going to be looking to win this one decisively and in nine innings. Looking to stop them from doing so is rookie Cal Quantrill.

Quantrill has found himself attached to some of the spicier trade scenarios lately, with rumors abounding that he could be involved in a three-way trade with the Mets and Blue Jays to send Noah Syndergaard to San Diego. It’s all just rumors, of course, but you can see why the Blue Jays might be interested (aside from the fact that Quantrill is Canadian).

Don’t let his ERA fool you, Quantrill has been solid lately. His last start against the Giants came on July 3rd, where he gave up three earned runs in fewer than six innings, in the Padres’ 7-5 loss to the Giants. Since then, however, he has tightened up, with roughly six scoreless innings each against the Braves and Cubs.

As Bryan pointed out in the series preview, the Padres bullpen has been their saving grace so far this season, so it will be key to try to get to Quantrill. This is made even more important by the fact that Shaun Anderson has been averaging about four earned runs per game lately, so the Giants will need to do some damage early to give Anderson a lead to work with.

Pre-Game Notes:

Logan Webb completed his suspension and has been re-instated to the 40-man roster (though he likely hasn’t given up the hunt for how the M4 metabolite got in his urine sample). This means someone had to go, and the unlucky person was Ty Blach. Blach was rocking a 14.21 ERA in 6.1 IP (in two games), so it’s not exactly a surprise. But I’ll always remember him fondly as Cy Blach, the Dodger Slayer. .


  1. Brandon Belt - 1B
  2. Mike Yastrzemski - RF
  3. Pablo Sandoval - 3B
  4. Alex Dickerson - LF
  5. Stephen Vogt - C
  6. Brandon Crawford - SS
  7. Kevin Pillar - CF
  8. Joe Panik - 2B
  9. Shaun Anderson - SP


  1. Fernando Tatis, Jr. - SS
  2. Francisco Mejia - LF
  3. Manny Machado - 3B
  4. Eric Hosmer - 1B
  5. Hunter Renfroe - LF
  6. Wil Myers - CF
  7. Luis Urias - 2B
  8. Austin Hedges - C
  9. Cal Quantrill - SP