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FanPulse voters’ confidence at record-high in Week 18

Can this post kill a meme? We’ll find out.

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WrestleMania 23 Photo by Leon Halip/WireImage

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Last week, FanPulse voters were all about the team selling everything, even the players other teams didn’t want. That’s been the weirdest part of this entire rebuild: people thinking it’s more valuable to cut Brandon Belt or trading him to a team that doesn’t want him all so that the Giants can clear maybe 3% of his salary and 100% of his performance.

But that’s just one example. Fans seem to both want to be rid of all the players they feel are bad or underperforming and want elite, franchise-altering prospects traded in exchange for these butt-ass bad players. Maybe that confusion or paradox is at the heart of every fandom. This week’s FanPulse results just might speak to that...

Voter confidence in the Giants’ direction has surged to a season high 85%. 85% of the voting body has confident in where the Giants are headed — which appears to be a battle down the stretch for a Wild Card spot, and nothing more.

For instance, Baseball America’s and FanGraphs’ latest re-rankings that saw significant jumps in rating the Giants’ farm system weren’t released until after the latest round of voting began, but maybe enough voters had started to hear about Marco Luciano, Joey Bart, Heliot Ramos, and Hunter Bishop to the extent that they got excited...

... or it’s been the wrestling gifs.

If you’re an avid Twitter user like I am (yeah, I’ve got the brain poisoning), then you know that the latest running gag or meme involves the WWE’s Chairman, Vince McMahon. Started by stalwart Giants fan Dave (@gggiants on Twitter), the joke is basically this: the Giants suddenly becoming a winning team and scaring the other powerhouses is a troll job on the level of the WWE’s Chairman, whose braggadocio and troll persona is by now quite legendary to wrestling fans.

I have no idea how non-wrestling fans perceive Vince McMahon, but here we are, invoking him for a meme. But, I’ve now killed it by writing a post that’s largely about the meme. It had a good run. The Giants went 17-4. Fan confidence soared.

Meanwhile, Bruce Bochy’s approval rating rose from 88% to 93%. He still has some work to do to get back to his week 1 rating of 95% approval, but if we figure that we’ve added more FanPulse voters since the start of this whole experiment, then maybe he’s right where he was at the start of the season.

Anyway, congratulations to Dave for creating the most consistently effective meme on Giants Twitter since #RallyZito. May your reign continue, even if I’m pretty sure this post just totally jinxed it and the Giants, and the people who just a week ago wanted this franchise stripped for parts until it was unrecognizable and everyone who ever loved it left it (because that’s what smart teams do) will finally get their highly variable and often changing way.

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