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McCovey Chronicles Happy Hour Episode 6: Brady Klopfer

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San Francisco Giants Archive

This week, Sami and Brady have a conversation about the Giants recent stretch of wins, what the team should do about the trade deadline, and how the Giants are bringing the fun back to baseball in a way that’s been missing since the 2016 season.

Brady breaks down the NBA G-League and talks about some of the wild times that take place at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, and tells a horrifying and hilarious story of a poor, unknowing staff member who tried to shoo Jerry West off the court.

They also talk about two of his recent viral tweets, one of which earned a retweet from a famous musician and the other, which earned a rant from Sami. They rant about the way people treat famous wives of athletes and how the expectation of decency has disintegrated with regards to fans leaving players’ families out of their criticism and mocking of players.

No guest this week, but Brady fills in the gaps, telling us about how he got into sports writing and some of his big upcoming projects that you should not miss! You can follow Brady on Twitter @BradyKlopferNBA to keep up to date with all of his excellent writing (aside from his work at McCovey Chronicles, which you can find here several times a week).

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