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Monday BP, 7/22/19

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New York Mets v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

So, Derek Holland was DFA’d yesterday. And many people will celebrate that. He hasn’t been a starting pitcher in a while. The last time he was, he stirred up a bit of a controversy that somehow made the majority of fans take the side of the organization over the player, which never sat well with me. As it turns out, down the road, other players agreed with him, even if they were never outspoken about it.

When Holland was relegated to the bullpen, he spoke openly about the phantom IL in a way we’ve never really seen a player do. At the time, the organization bent over backward to defend itself, using the fact that Holland wasn’t pitching well somewhat as a shield against what he was saying. And fans that picture themselves as armchair GMs rushed to their aid, saying that someone who isn’t pitching well doesn’t deserve an opinion about things that affect their career, apparently.

Anyway, Holland is DFA’d, and I guess I can’t argue with the logistics of it. He gave up four runs in Saturday’s loss that ended the winning streak. But I take a bit of issue with the glee many fans seem to be taking from it. But, fan how you want to fan, I guess.