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Giants vs. Mets, 7/21

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Matz (5-6, 4.87 ERA) vs. Menez (MLB debut)

Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Regrettably, I must jinx the Giants again by not typing out the lineups.

A question this game could answer: how similar are Conner Menez and Steven Matz? Beyond being left-handed pitchers, they’re both 92-93 with their fastballs, and throw a majority breaking and offspeed pitches. Matz has been worth 5.4 bWAR through five seasons — not spectacular, but not terrible. He’s also suffered injury setbacks, too.

The Giants are just trying to improve wherever they can. All Conner Menez is being asked to do is be better than Drew Pomeranz — an achievable feat if for no other reason than that Pomeranz has had really rough results.

Meanwhile, there’s another new Giant you should know: Zach Green. He’ll spell Pablo Sandoval at third base today and hopefully hit a dinger (he’s hit 23 in Triple-A this year).

One last thing: the Mets are 21-16 since 2009 are Oracle Park. They’ve lost just one series here in that span.