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Please listen to British calls from the London Series

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It’s not silly, but it’s not quite right, but it also really works.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester City v Everton - Etihad Stadium Photo by Mike Egerton - EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

The United States brought spring training baseball to London over the weekend and while domestic audiences had the contractually mandated arrangement of Fox Sports and ESPN broadcasters to listen to, non-U.S. audiences heard the BT Sport team.

Today, the league’s YouTube channel put together a supercut from both games highlighting the inherent Britishness of the coverage.

There’s something charmingly silly about the not-quite-right way BT’s call of the game goes, and I’m not here to say it’s good or bad: it’s up to you. I still think it’s a net positive for baseball to sort of be “handled” by outsiders, just to see how the team-up goes.

I’ve highlighted some key lines in case you don’t have time to watch the 5.5 minute clip:

“And the Yankees lead the Red Sox by six runs to nothing.”

“It’s turned into a long, old night. A lot of people thought it might be a six-beer night — it’s turned into a twelve-beer night. There won’t be a child fed in London before lunchtime tomorrow.”

“... because that’s absolutely walloped into the stands by Didi Gregorious! Well, we’ve seen some stars this weekend, but I don’t think any has shone as bright as he has. Whether it’s been a the glove or been with a bat, He’s been absolute box office!”