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Chroncast #82: Will Smith is an All-Star

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Doug Bruzzone returns to the Chroncast. Has he become jaded from his new gig as a Giants beat reporter?

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

What do Drew Pomeranz, Alex Dickerson, Stephen Vogt, Will Smith, and Madison Bumgarner all have in common? They’re not going to be on the next winning Giants team. So, what’s there to talk about? Plenty. Doug has been off covering the Giants for the San Francisco Examiner and was the first to report on Austin Slater’s new swing, which Slater put to good use Monday night in San Diego with a triple and home run.

Does the nascent stages of this rebuild necessarily preclude us from gaining knowledge about the team’s future or is that just pessimism wrapped around a dark core of ignorance? Neither Bryan nor Doug proclaim to have the answer, but that won’t stop us from talking it out.

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