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Tuesday BP, 7/16/19

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MLB: Game Two-San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

ahahah ahahahahahaha hahahaaaaaa hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sorry, sorry. I’m writing this during yesterday’s ridiculous blow-out of a game. Sure, it’s possible that the Rockies came back and whooped the Giants in game two of the double-header, but right now Mark Reynolds just gave up two runs for Brandon Crawford’s seventh and eighth RBI of the game and I am AMUSED.

Now, just in case the Rockies do win the second game and something depressing happens, I want you to remember the good things!

If you weren’t giggling gleefully at some point during that game, you are doing it wrong. Coors Field can go so horribly wrong on any given day. But every once in a while it goes horribly wrong for the OTHER guys and you just have to bask in the devilry.

Of course, the Giants did manage to win both games and it was glorious. But it had some of us thinking about this: