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Sunday BP, 7/14/19

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San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants

Good morning, McCoven!

I got so caught up in the fact that I missed Buster Posey’s grand slam on Friday night, that I totally forgot that yesterday’s BP should have featured some very historic moments from the last few years.

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of the time that Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner became the first battery to both hit a grand slam in the same game. It just doesn’t get any better than that, offensively.

And on the other end, no-hitters have been on our mind a lot this week. Between the profile of Jonathan Sánchez in The Athletic and the Angels’ unlikely yet stunningly perfect and poignant combined no-hitter on Friday night, as they paid tribute to Tyler Skaggs. So it’s only fitting that yesterday was also the six year anniversary of Tim Lincecum’s first career no-hitter. For most players, you don’t have to specify, because they only have the one. Not our Timmy.