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Saturday BP, 7/13/19

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Division Series - San Francisco Giants v Cincinnati Reds - Game Five Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

On Stranger Things, Eleven’s favorite saying is that “friends don’t lie.” Very compelling, and it serves a narrative function at times.

My saying is “friends don’t let friends go three hours without knowing that Buster Posey hit a grand slam.” There’s a reason certain moments in baseball come with a “text your friends” instruction. Because sometimes your friends are shopping online for that perfect Tim Lincecum post-2010 World Series celebration poster to adorn their brand new office at work. AND THEY WOULD REALLY, REALLY LIKE TO KNOW THAT BUSTER POSEY HIT A GOSH DARN GRAND SLAM. Maybe they’ve been searching for something to renew their faith in baseball, and if a Posey grand slam can’t do it, I don’t know what will.

I mean, sure, this is just a visually stunning moment, worth searching for on the internet in poster form:

San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers, Game 5 Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

But so is this:

I mean, if they made GIF posters, I’d buy eight of these.

Now, was this entire thing so far a ruse to post that video? Maybe. But you can’t prove it. Though it was all true and I am still pretty disgruntled that I didn’t find out about the grand slam until 11:00pm last night. Some friends I have.