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Giants @ Brewers, 7/12

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Anderson (3-2, 4.23 ERA) vs. Anderson (4-2, 4.32 ERA)

League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Seven

Annnnnnnd we’re back in. The second half begins with an intriguing challenge for both teams. Can the Giants’ offense carry over its hot streak to end the first half into this second half against a steady pitching staff primed to make a postseason run? Can the Brewers continue to beat up on the Giants (2-5 at Miller Park the previous two seasons) when they most need to (just 0.5 games back in the division and Wild Card)?

It’s also the battle of the Andersons: Milwaukee’s Chase versus San Francisco’s Shaun.

Chase has a 5.29 ERA in seven starts since June 1st and has pitched into the sixth inning just three times. Those represent the only three times this season he has finished more than five innings. The Brewers are, obviously, leaning heavily on game management and bullpen execution, and they’ve been pretty successful. But they haven’t faced this brand new, high octane Giants lineup yet...

Here’s the Brewers’ middle of the pack lineup:

CF — Lorenzo Cain
RF — Christian Yelich
C — Yasmani Grandal
3B — Mike Moustakas
LF — Ryan Braun
1B — Eric Thames
2B — Keston Hiura
SS — Orlando Arcia
SP — Chase Anderson

They’ve scored just the 16th-most runs in baseball (432) heading into tonight’s matchup. Meanwhile, these Giants have scored the second-most runs in baseball and most in the National League (62) over the past two weeks. Ha! Take that, arbitrary endpoints.

1B — Brandon Belt
C — Buster Posey
3B — Evan Longoria
LF — Alex Dickerson
CF — Kevin Pillar
SS — Brandon Crawford
RF — Austin Slater
2B — Joe Panik
SP — Shaun Anderson

Austin Slater’s in there against a righty because, yeah, grand slam. We’ll see if he can demonstrate some immunity to a platoon split this weekend. It certainly seems as though that’s what the Giants are aiming for.