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Wednesday BP, 7/10/19

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Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

We’ve reached the dead zone of the baseball season. Those two dreaded days in which there is no major league baseball to be found anywhere. I mean, what does one even do with themselves when there isn’t any baseball?

Well, I think it’s a good time to catch up TV shows, personally. There’s a new season of Stranger Things out, which is perfect, because you can be caught up in time for “Stranger Things Night” at Oracle Park next Friday night. Which IS a thing, a thing that I only just heard about and I’m not sure if they’ve done it in the past.

They will be giving out t-shirts with the Giants posed like they’re in a poster for an epic 80’s movie. It also features Brandon Belt looking like his head is way too big for his body, which is amusing. Not sure if I’m allowed to share the picture here, but you can check it out at this link and also buy tickets if you’re interested. Or don’t, this isn’t an ad. I just personally like the show. Also, it’s an excuse to get you to look at that picture and possibly, if you’re like me, wonder what Lou Seal did to earn the coveted center spot.

You’ll just have to watch the new season of Stranger Things to find out. Which you conveniently have time to do, since there isn’t any baseball for the next two days.