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Giants vs. Dodgers, 6/9

Bumgarner (3-5, 3.87 FIP) vs. Buehler (6-1, 3.22 FIP)

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This might be the biggest start of Madison Bumgarner’s season, the one that determines just what the Giants might be able to get in trade for him. The Dodgers have the best lineup in the National League and, in particular, Enrique Hernández, who’s already 4-for-6 against Bumgarner this season and a lifetime 23-for-45 with a 1.433 OPS, has done extremely well against the ol’ horse.

Yankees scouts are on hand.

2B — Enrique Hernández
1B — Max Muncy
3B — Justin Turner
RF — Cody Bellinger
CF — Chris Taylor
SS — Corey Seager
LF — Kyle Garlick
C — Austin Barnes
SP — Walker Buehler

I can’t remember who it was that said it in the comments the other day, but there’s a nonzero chance that after the Warriors lose on Monday that Farhan Zaidi will trade Bumgarner on Tuesday, thus ending the San Francisco part of the bay’s sports relevance. Exciting days ahead! Maybe we can squeeze in one more win against the Dodgers before it all goes down?

Brandon Belt is out sick so he was a late scratch from today’s lineup.

2B — Joe Panik
LF — Mike Yastrzemski
3B — Evan Longoria
1B — Pablo Sandoval
C — Stephen Vogt
RF — Kevin Pillar
SS — Brandon Crawford
CF — Steven Duggar
SP — Madison Bumgarner

If the Giants do lose today, the best scenario would be a 10-1 loss in which the Dodgers score all their runs from the seventh inning on (after Bumgarner leaves following the sixth inning).

The Yankees are going to offer them a bag of soggy poop for Bumgarner so a strong performance on his part only increases the Giants’ leverage by getting other teams involved.