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Sunday BP, 6/9/19

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Four years ago today, Chris Heston threw a no-hitter, the last we’ve seen in this decade’s flurry of them. The last we may see for a while.

I think about 2015 pretty frequently. Though we didn’t know it then, the dynasty was over. But in many ways, that’s where the story started, for me. That was the season I discovered this website, and this community. I would refresh Google News repeatedly for Giants updates, but I hadn’t yet found a home for my Giants fandom. Until Heston’s no-hitter.

I stumbled upon Grant’s 50 Awesome Things article, loved it, and starting tumbling down the rabbit hole of the 50 Awesome Things posts for other recent no-hitters. I had been reading the site for quite some time, but my motto for the internet was (and still is, generally) “never read the comments.” Thankfully, Heston’s performance, and Grant’s write-up, changed that and I’ve never looked back.

But now we should look back and appreciate the moment:

And with that, friends, I leave you for the week while I go on a much needed vacation. Be kind to the rest of the staff, and each other, while I’m gone.