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2019 Draft Day 3 Thread, 6/5

They could just make up names of people at this point and we’d have no way of knowing.

Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Giants have already selected nine position players with 30 picks to go. Does this mean we’ll see a heavy pitching draft the rest of the way? There’s nothing in the rules or orthodoxy that says a team should draft 20 hitters and 20 pitchers, but those are interesting target numbers to keep in mind as the league drafts today.

Something else to keep an eye on: the coverage team panel on today would seem to be the same setup as yesterday: Scott Braun, Jim Callis, and Jonathan Mayo. Now, Jonathan Mayo has said repeatedly, to the people on his own network and in other interviews nationwide that he doesn’t like to do “comps”. He finds no value in boiling down an evaluation of a 19-year old kid to “he reminds me of Billy Gleep Glorp” or whatever.

I tend to agree with this, but literally no one else in the industry does, so watch to see if Braun presses him for comps like he did for most of yesterday.

Site coverage for today’s picks will go up tomorrow and be split into two posts. There will be a general draft recap that goes up later tonight, so please feel free to use this thread to sort it all out if you’re impatient for analysis.

One more interesting note: Jim Callis mentioned that every player from here on can be offered a $125,000 signing bonus without it affecting a team’s draft pool. Every dollar over that amount is when the pool kicks in. I either forgot that bit of info or never knew that, but since the formal bonus slots ended with the tenth pick, I figured it would be worth mentioning that bit about the other bonuses.