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Draft Day 2 Thread, 6/4

This will definitely be a day with players and schools you’ve never heard of... until tomorrow, that is.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants will make eight more picks today to add to their draftee list of Hunter Bishop and Logan Wyatt. Assume they will snatch up a pitcher, finally.

Here’s their draft bonus pool info, in case you were wondering:

$8,714,500 total

Round 1: $4,739,900

Round 2: $1,436,900

Round 3: $689,300

Round 4: $497,500

Round 5: $371,600

Round 6: $281,800

Round 7: $220,200

Round 8: $176,300

Round 9: $155,300

Round 10: $145,700

I felt compelled to use a photo of Phil Bickford because 1) it was one of the few pictures under “MLB Draft” in the photo tool, and 2) because I saw this tweet last night:

He was the Giants’ first round draft pic in 2015 who wound up being a part of the Will Smith trade. You just never know how these prospects will pan out.

Today’s (as well as tomorrow’s) coverage will run exclusively through The MLB Network coverage we got last night was not great, but the slimmed down version you’ll see on the site today seems like the platonic ideal of how to cover something as intensely nerdy as the MLB Draft.