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Giants take University of Louisville 1b Logan Wyatt

The new regime likes going off the board too!

Milwaukee Brewers v San Diego Padres Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

With their second pick of the 2019 draft, the Giants made a virtual meta-pick — as much statement of intent as talent acquisition. The Giants selection of Logan Wyatt was a pick that functioned as Master’s thesis on what the Giants might look for in their picks.

That’s planting a rose with a hammer perhaps, but I can’t be the only one to look at Wyatt’s skillset and think ever so slightly of this scene:

The University of Louisville 1b was third in the NCAA in walks (63) during his sophomore year, and followed that up with 63 more walks in 2019. As a starter at Louisville the last two seasons he struck out just 75 times against 126 walks.

After taking a toolsy guy with swing and miss issues in the first round, the 2nd round saw the Giants plant their flag in the verities of a solid approach, a solid swing (left-handed again!) and an excellent control of the zone.

If you were watching’s coverage of the draft, you saw Sean Casey offer a raving break down Wyatt’s swing, declaring him the best pure hitter in the draft. In fact, Casey described Wyatt as a hitter very much in the mold of ... Sean Casey!

Like a young 5th round Brandon Belt, the chief complaint against Wyatt is his lack of power production from 1b. He hit just 15 HRs in his 3 year college career and hit just 4 HRs in the Cape Cod League last summer.

But again, this may be a case where advanced development can help unleash the inner power hitter inside Wyatt’s 6’4” frame. If they can find a way to add power to the discerning eye and short, solid swing, they might just have something here. And taking players who might hit for power but hadn’t yet was often a prime component of Dodger draft philosophy.

On the other hand, “hit over power 1b” is a profile that doesn’t have a great deal of margin for error.