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Watch Brandon Crawford, Joe Panik, and Will Smith recreate the “Friends” opening titles

It’s the 25th anniversary of the hit NBC sitcom and the Giants are celebrating it.

©2019 S.F. Giants/Mitchell

A long time ago, a TV show about a bunch of horny young New Yorkers took the country by storm. TV viewers couldn’t help but get caught up in the “Will They/Won’t They” between the beautiful, quirky Rachel and the mouth-breathing Ross and their adventures with their friends: Type-A Monica, Bohemian Phoebe, Italian Joey Tribbiani, and Matthew Perry. And who could forget possible weirdo Gunther, the guy who ran the coffee shop, Central Perk?

Believe it or not, all that was 25 years ago. Somehow, this show about nothing friendship in the nineties has endured, and the Giants are celebrating that 25th anniversary. They’ve kicked things off by recreating the opening title sequence with Brandon Crawford, Joe Panik, and Will Smith, along with their partners: Jalynne Crawford, Brittany Panik, and Taylor Dunigan.

But that’s not all! On Monday, August 5th, it’s Friends Day at Oracle Park!

* Game attendees will receive a “Central Perk” inspired coffee mug, featuring an image of the Giants recreation of the Friends opening credits

* A VIP event will be held, giving true Friends fans the chance to take photos on the Friends couch, and visit a Central Perk pop-up that has been produced for the milestone anniversary.

* Stay tuned for additional surprises to be announced. Fans can visit to learn more

Could one of the additional surprises be an appearance by Marcel the Monkey?

Will you have the chance to put on all of Chandler’s clothes or participate in a trivia contest to win a nice apartment? And, uh, that’s all the references I can recall.

in the meantime, here’s this important .gif:

What was your favorite episode?