MCC Book Club - Take #2

Apparently people have tried this in the past but we're gonna try again and see how it goes.

My thoughts are: we'll have two weeks for people to sign up for the book club. Then I will take everyone who signs up and enter them into a random generator and come up with an order for people to pick a book. Person #1 picks a book and everyone has a month to read it. We can have a thread in Fanposts to discuss the book at that point.

I don't think we should put a limit on what books we read since part of the appeal of book clubs is reading stuff you might otherwise not reach for, but hopefully everyone involved will take into consideration that the book should foster thoughtful discourse.

Tell me if you hate these rules/have suggestions for additional rules. If you want to join in, say so in the comments. Two weeks from today is July 8 so I'll say that is the deadline. Anyone who joins after that point will be added to the end of the list.

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