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Thursday BP, 6/20/19

Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

I came across a recap I wrote a year ago yesterday, about the penultimate game of a pair of series between the Giants and Marlins that got uglier and uglier by the inning.

This one, in particular, was the retaliation game for....Hunter Strickland breaking his own hand? I’m still not really sure why the Giants felt like retaliation was necessary in this game, but it was the one where Don Mattingly basically put a hit out on Buster Posey, prompting Bruce Bochy to get him ejected.

Then in the top of the second, with runners at second and third, Dereck Rodriguez hit Lewis Brinson to load the bases, and was immediately warned. They were all warned. We were warned. Your cat was warned.

Some will surmise that this was in retaliation for Evan Longoria’s broken hand from last Thursday’s game, which makes no sense because they played yesterday and if they wanted to be stupid and hit someone, they could have done so then.

No, this felt more like it was about Hunter Strickland who threw at Brinson’s head last night before getting bested in the at-bat. Strickland didn’t like how Brinson was all “happy” about being “good as his job.” So he went and broke his own hand. And Rodriguez decided to plunk Brinson for...reasons? I guess as a sign of solidarity for his fallen teammate who could not be with us tonight because he BROKE HIS OWN HAND.

I’m sure there have been wilder games in recent memory, but none come to mind as readily as this one does. What are some of the wildest games you can remember very clearly off the top of your head?