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Wednesday BP, 6/19/19

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Last week, Forbes had an article about the direction the Giants should be taking in terms of their future, and a strategy for drafting/trading players. Bringing in the fences would likely benefit opposing players more than the current Giants roster, and the author, Owen Poindexter, argues that rather than try to chase power hitters in free agency, that they should focus specifically on drafting, signing or trading for players who make a lot of contact (regardless of BABIP) and who can keep things lively on the base path, noting:

The reason is simple, perhaps too simple: when you play in a park that suppresses power (especially left-handed power) like no other, why not focus less on power, and more on speed and contact? This type of player can help his similar teammates, speed matters more when the ball is in play, less so when the “action” is all walks, strikeouts and home runs. Instead of three true outcomes, it’s chaos on the basepaths.

What do you think?