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Thursday BP, 6/13

MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants Cody Glenn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the seventh anniversary of Perfect Cain Day —

And as mentioned on last night’s broadcast, there’s an in depth look at Bruce Bochy’s decision-making and the tick tock behind every no hitter of his time as Giants manager, written by Alex Pavlovic for NBC Sports.

But before you jump into that long read, don’t forget to check out the intellectual property of this site: 50 Awesome Things About Matt Cain’s Perfect Game and the 5-year anniversary follow-up, My God, This Season Sucks, Let’s Relieve A Truly Great Moment.

It’s truly amazing how this was seven years ago, safely tucked into the realms of “Who cares? That was so long ago!” and “Matt who?” — such is the nature of fandom, collective memory, and those damn kids who never appreciate their history.

If you weren’t a Giants fan around the time of the perfect game, here it is:

Meanwhile, that Pavlovic article (which has yet to be posted to the main NBC Sports site but is theoretically already available on the My Teams App) will cover all the no hitters — so, you’ve got your Jonathan Sanchez, your pair of Lincecums, and your Chris Heston in addition to your Matt Cain to explore today.

These were great moments during the team’s Success Era or Dynasty, right up there with the world championships and a whole bunch of other playoff games. This was my clumsy transition into this other important note:

Tonight could very well be the last night of the Warriors’ Dynasty. Look how far they’ve come over the past seven years. Good luck to them, fighting to keep their memory alive. Good luck to the Giants, working to make new memories at some point in the future.