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Welcome to the McCovey Chronicles Podcast Channel

Megaphone (formerly Panoply Media) is the new network for all the team site podcasts, including your favorite, the McCovey Chroncast. But wait — there’s more!

Abbey Road Studios Opens Its Doors To The Public Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images

As you know, McCovey Chronicles was both the first website on the internet and the first podcast ever made, so it should come as no surprise that the work of our very successful McCovey Chroncast will continue, much to the dismay of all the jealous people out there.

This year, SB Nation has moved all of its podcast content over to Megaphone, formerly Panoply Media. So, Vox Media has a formal podcast network now and we, the first podcast ever invented, now have a dedicated channel. This means you won’t just be getting the McCovey Chroncast from here on out — you’ll be getting multiple shows every week.

Making its debut today is McC Happy Hour, hosted by Sami Higgins and Brady Klopfer. Regular episodes will run every Wednesday. Here’s the description for episode one:

Sami Higgins and Brady Klopfer sit down with SBNation’s Ashley MacLennan about the Detroit Tigers, the Tampa Bay Rays, and Ashley’s YouTube channel “90 Feet From Home” where she breaks down the game for people at differing levels of baseball fandom. They touch on the Canadian bandwagon for the Toronto Raptors, as well as the pressing issue of living wages for minor league baseball players and fundamental changes to the arbitration process. And Brady schools us on the topic of simple syrups for cocktails.

This episode was recorded last week, so keep that in mind when you hear Warriors-Raptors talk.

Meanwhile, The McCovey Chroncast returns on Monday. This year, the show will switch to an American Horror Story-style anthology format. This year’s theme: The Giants Are Bad.

Finally, coming soon: Roger and Bryan will talk prospects and the farm system in the Untitled McCovey Chroncast Podcast Channel Prospect Podcast. The UMCPCPP will run twice a month and tell you everything you need to know about the state of the Giants’ farm system during what will surely be a long and painful rebuild.

Here’s the xml link to our feed. The iTunes feed should update by tomorrow. In the meantime, you can check out the show page right here... or you can just listen through this embed below.

All past Chroncasts have been archived for listening, but if you want to jump right in with the new and interesting stuff, McC Happy Hour is available RIGHT NOW!

And, if you listen to the show and you want to check out Ashley MacLennan’s YouTube channel, here’s her Infield Fly Rule episode: