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Giants vs. Padres, 6/12

Anderson (1-1, 4.71 FIP) vs. Lucchesi (5-3, 3.70 FIP)

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Pride Night at the yard tonight — just wanted to point that out.

Also, it’s Buster Posey’s return. Hey! That’s something. So’s this:

This looks like a call to action for some intrepid band out there to do an uptempo, hardcore rendition of “Closing Time”. Are there still bands? Do people still do hardcore or is it all the numbing put-you-to-bededness of The National or Sujfian Stevens?

I have very poor taste in music, and no ability to craft a good joke. Anyway, here’s the Padres’ lineup:

SS — Fernando Tatis Jr.
LF — Josh Naylor
3B — Manny Machado
1B — Eric Hosmer
RF — Franmil Reyes
2B — Ian Kinsler
C — Austin Hedges
SP — Joey Lucchesi
CF — Manuel Margot

Interesting to note that it looks like Manuel Margot is not quite going to pan out as everybody had hoped. He was one of the key figures in the preseason materials, but at age 24 in his third full season, he has just a .583 OPS through 60 games. Still just 24, but perhaps not quite the league average or better contributor the Padres had hoped for — though, let’s revisit this question tonight should he have a big game against Shaun Anderson.

2B — Donovan Solano
1B — Brandon Belt
3B — Evan Longoria
C — Buster Posey
LF — Tyler Austin
RF — Kevin Pillar
SS — Brandon Crawford
CF — Steven Duggar
SP — Shaun Anderson

Did you know that Solano has a career .188.233.246 batting first (73 PA)?