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Wednesday BP, 6/12

MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

There’s now have a Bobblehead Hall of Fame at Oracle Park. Here’s Cody Ross standing next to his “virtual bobblehead”, one of the Hall’s new features.

From the Giants:

Hall of Bobbleheads

The Hall of Bobbleheads is an interactive display of the History of Giants Bobbleheads. Get an up close look at the some of the most unique and valuable Bobbleheads in San Francisco Giants History, including the original Willie Mays Bobblehead from the 1960s.


Fans can also take a selfie with a Lifesize Bobblehead Statue of Willie Mays. The Hall of Bobbleheads is located in the @Cafe, behind the Centerfield bleachers and is free for fans of all ages, open throughout the game.

Teams are taking a pretty big risk about reshaping the gameday experience as being something where customers can enjoy everything other than what’s on the field. What if the team on the field never gets good again? What if people don’t want to pay $25+ just to get in the door and not watch baseball? Not every amusement center can be Disneyland.

What else should be in a Bobblehead Hall of Fame?