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Giants vs. Padres, 6/11

Beede (0-2, 6.65 FIP) vs. Paddack (4-4, 3.69 FIP)

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MLB: NLDS-Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Just a quick two-gamer against a team both Grant and I deemed “eh” this morning, but a team that is still much better (33-33) than the Giants (I think they’re 15-65 at this point? Something like that? Bah, who cares).

This will probably be an interesting game in the series, given that the Padres’ best pitcher — Chris Paddack — gets the start and Tyler Austin is in the lineup for the Giants (more on that in a second), but Buster Posey returns tomorrow, so, that’s the one I’m more excited about.

SS — Fernando Tatis Jr.
LF — Josh Naylor
3B — Manny Machado
1B — Eric Hosmer
RF — Hunter Renfroe
2B — Ian Kinsler
CF — Wil Myers
C — Austin Hedges
SP — Chris Paddack

Hunter Renfroe and Josh Naylor get starts over Franmil Reyes because 1) Josh Naylor is a left-handed batter slugging .447 against right-handed pitchers and 2) Hunter Renfroe is drawing trade interest. That means Reyes will be available to pinch hit late in the game, possibly against Reyes Moronta — hey, don’t hang a slider like you did last time!

Also, Naylor has 0 walks and 11 strikeouts against righties (38 PA) so far this season (he has no walks, period, in all of 46 PA). Tyler Beede has walked 15 in 17.2 innings. Meanwhile...

2B — Joe Panik
RF — Mike Yastrzemski
3B — Evan Longoria
1B — Pablo Sandoval
C — Stephen Vogt
SS — Brandon Crawford
LF — Tyler Austin
CF — Steven Duggar
SP — Tyler Beede

No Belt because

That’s a great thing to read about Tyler Austin. He can’t be so bad that it’s worth benching the power in his bat, right? Bruce Bochy would seem to agree:

And does Pillar’s absence mean that the Giants actually read Kenny’s article from Sunday?

Sounds like it. Way to go, Kenny!