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Tuesday BP, 6/11

If you’re not into watching the Giants right now, then you’re in luck — it’s Women’s World Cup time!!

England v Scotland: Group D - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

I know there are an alarming number of soccer fans around here (kidding — enjoy whatever sport you want), so this is just a reminder that although the Women’s World Cup began on Friday, the United States plays for the first time in the tournament at noon today.

And this is also a reminder that SB Nation has coverage if you want to dive deeper. The soccer coverage team has been generating daily content intended to travel all over the network — even through this site.

Historically, this event has not just been popular among soccer fans. Like the Olympics, this event tends to appeal to all sorts of non-traditional sports fans. It is our suspicion that many of your communities will already be interested in and would likely appreciate having someplace to discuss it.

For starters, there’s a Fifa Women’s World Cup Supergroup that’s constantly updated:

You can find daily open threads at All For XI and Stars and Stripes FC.

If you’d like to dig a bit deeper, here’s some more links:


7 players worth watching - Sounder at Heart

List of Women’s World Cup players that went to college in USA - Google doc

One question every contender will need to answer to win it all - dot-com


The 50 best players at the World Cup - dot-com

Women’s World Cup supergroup - dot-com

Stream with a preview of every group - Stars and Stripes FC

You’re going to like Scotland - All for XI


Stream with a preview of every team - Black and Red United

Buy a Tour de Four shirt - BreakingT

And, finally, here’s the U.S. schedule:

6/11 — vs. Thailand at 12pm Pacific on Fox/Telemundo
6/16 — vs. Chile at 9am Pacific on Fox/Telemundo
620 — vs. Sweden at 12pm Pacific on Fox/Telemundo

I have no idea what any of this means, but I hope all who partake enjoy it.