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Giants players livin’ it up for the ‘gram

Why yes, Instagram is the yee to Johnny Cueto’s haw.

Johnny Cueto’s Instagram

There used to be a time before social media ran rapid through our world like some pestiferous virtual plague, basically clearing out everything in its path – but even thinking about that time makes me fall asleep with my eyes open. In the sports world, Instagram can be used as an outlet for players to express themselves in a way that they can’t on the field. Sure, some overshare, but that’s what we’re HOPING for because, again — plague.

That being said, here are some San Francisco players you need to follow right now on Instagram if you already aren’t.

Johnny Cueto

As most know, starting pitcher Cueto is still recovering from Tommy John surgery, but that doesn’t stop him from being absolutely entertaining as all heck on Instagram.

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Good morning

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Everything about this post is just plain magic. Even while Johnny is recovering, he’s still clearly out there living his best life, which includes raiding the closet of a very urban cowboy.

You can also see how he’s getting along in the recovery process whenever he posts workout videos.

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Con Dios seguimos trabajando

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Buster Posey

It’s not too often that you see our precious catcher post to the ‘gram, but when he does, it’s usually an extremely heartwarming post that focuses on things that are much bigger than the game itself. Just recently, Buster and his wife Kristen surprised patients at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland and visited with the young children and their families.

Brandon Crawford

Wanna see throwbacks of youth, adorable family shots, and pictures of luscious locks of flowing (and for some reason wet looking) hair? I mean, would you expect anything less of Brandon Crawford? The shortstop often posts behind the Giants scenes photos along videos/pictures of he and his family. He’s still rather new to Instagram, and we’re sure that it took his wife Jalynne some time to convince him to actually make an account, but man are we thankful that she was able to.

Duane Kuiper

Okay, so he’s not a player, but Duane Kuiper is still a beloved and important component of the Giants franchise. And you can rest assured that he’s just as adorably hilarious on Instagram as he is in the booth with Kruk.

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Who’s pregnant?

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A friend sent me this! Made me laugh!

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Pablo Sandoval

If you aren’t following Panda on Instagram, can you even really call yourself a Giants fan? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Pablo often posts videos of his plays and hilarious situations that occur in the dugout with his teammates. And, of course, he posts pictures of he and his family.

Honorable Mention: Hunter Pence

Okay, so he’s not with the Giants anymore, but we still enjoy watching him completely and utterly thrive with the Texas Rangers. As always, Hunter has been a dang joy to watch, especially when he’s at his most comfortable and goofing off. We honestly miss this kooky dude and his obsession with Game of Thrones.