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The future of the Giants looks a little bit brighter, according to FanPulse voters

Despite a losing record, fans have come around on the fate of the franchise... at least, a little bit.

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After a few weeks of steady decline in confidence as it pertains to the direction of the franchise, this week’s FanPulse survey results suggest that voters have accepted that the next 2-5 years will be unwatchable when it comes to the major league team but at the other levels... maybe there’s hope?

That’s my takeaway from the national poll question response:

98% of Giants FanPulse voters are thrilled with #10 overall pick Hunter Bishop and the companion +11% bump in the general “How confident are you in the direction of the franchise?” question that voters get every week.

After dropping to a season-low 27%, this week’s 38% confidence becomes the highest total since Week 5, when voters were 47% confident in the Giants’ direction, and the team was 9-14. They’d get to 11-14 midway through Week 6, and are just 15-24 since that record, so it’s no surprise that the overall confidence is so low. But look at what Hunter Bishop brought with him — not just this 11% bump in directional confidence, but also an 8% increase in approval of Bruce Bochy as manager (up to 77%).

Giants fans approve of Bruce Bochy in roughly the same way as Diamondbacks fans do Torey Lovullo and David Bell (both 78%). Not bad at all. Bruce Bochy’s team has a worse record than either of those others, but it’s a relief to see that FanPulse voters have finally stopped holding the roster (and, in particular, the pitching staff) against him.

Four fan bases gave their managers 100% approval: Houston, Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Tampa Bay. They’re all in or tied for first place in their respective divisions, to that voting makes sense. Meanwhile, Mickey Callaway has just a 10% approval rating, the lowest confidence rating of any manager — yes, even Dave Martinez in Washington (24%).

Washington (37%) is also one of the three fan bases with a lower confidence in their team’s direction than the Giants’. The other two are Cleveland (29%) and New York (21%).

So, I’d like to congratulate the Giants’ FanPulse voting bloc for recognizing where the team is in their competitive window and that although there’s very little to root for right now, there are little bits and pieces being added that might someday, eventually, maybe, possibly lead to something better than the last three years.

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