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Giants @ Orioles, 6/1

Anderson (0-1, 3.61 FIP) vs. Hess (RHP; 1-6, 7.13 FIP)

View of Camen Yards

Ahhhhhhhh, welcome to June. It feels strange to think that 2019 is nearly halfway over, but it’s also a relief to know that after this month, the Giants’ season will only have three more months left. The sooner we can end this misery, the better.

Congrats to Mac Williamson for getting off this sinking ship sooner than the rest, who will likely be claimed by the icey depths of age and loser stink:

Also getting some time away from this plague of a team is Curt Young:

We certainly wish Curt Young a full recovery but, really, take your time, man. Your services are not needed anytime soon. We are all just playing out the string.

The Orioles are playing for something, though — they want next year’s first round draft pick, too. If they can swing it 3-4 years running, that would fit in best with the new SABR model of never trying to win but amassing the most talent.

SS — Jonathan Villar
1B — Trey Mancini
LF — Dwight Smith Jr.
DH — Renato Nunez
RF — DJ Stewart
CF — Steve Wilkerson
3B — Rio Ruiz
2B — Hanser Alberto
C — Austin Wynns

Little do they know, these Giants are primed to give them a run for their money:

2B — Joe Panik
RF — Mike Yastrzemski
DH — Buster Posey
1B — Pablo Sandoval
LF — Brandon Belt
3B — Evan Longoria
SS — Brandon Crawford
C — Stephen Vogt
CF — Kevin Pillar
SP — Shaun Anderson

Since we’ve had two full months of games played now, let’s look at this group again with their wRC+ totals (their weighted runs created, relative to the league average of 100):

2B — Joe Panik | 204 PA | 86 wRC+
RF — Mike Yastrzemski | 25 PA | 138 wRC+
DH — Buster Posey | 164 PA | 87 wRC+
1B — Pablo Sandoval | 114 PA | 136 wRC+
LF — Brandon Belt | 201 PA | 115 wRC+
3B — Evan Longoria | 190 PA | 86 wRC+
SS — Brandon Crawford | 205 PA | 61 wRC+
C — Stephen Vogt | 49 PA | 105 wRC+
CF — Kevin Pillar | 198 PA | 63 wRC+

Excluding the pitchers, the team total is 77 wRC+, or 23% below league average, or the #27 offense in baseball or the second-worst offense in the National League (behind the Marlins).

It’s going great, guys.

There were four home runs hit yesterday. Please consider answering the poll question from the series preview:


Giants-Orioles: No. of HRs in 3-game series: 10.5

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