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The “Let Pablo Pitch” t-shirt has been updated!

A new year, a new scoreless inning, a new iconic quote to add to last year’s extremely popular battle cry.

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Those folks at BreakingT are at it again, converting Pablo Sandoval’s latest scoreless inning into another wearable moment. Behold! The 2019 edition of Let Pablo Pitch:

Yeah, that’s right. They’ve added Pablo’s post-game quote. “Pitching is not easy, but it’s easy for me because I don’t care.”

Sure, Kerry Crowley of the Mercury News wound up correcting that quote:

It is responsible journalism for him to correct the quote, especially since people were likely to misinterpret it as some kind of dig, but think of this shirt as being a print the legend situation. Kerry did the right thing, but that doesn’t mean the tweet with that first partial quote can’t wind up on the front of a t-shirt. Think of all the iconic movie lines that have entered the cultural subconscious but have done so incorrectly!

All About Eve — “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” It’s night, not ride.

Casablanca — “Play it again, Sam.” is actually, “Play it, Sam.”

Wall Street — “Greed is good” is actually “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

So, here’s a shirt that pulls a Wall Street and axes the prepositional phrase to get to the heart of the matter. Because I don’t care — period — is the phrase we’ll remember. And now we have this shirt to celebrate the moment.

And if you want to compare this year’s appearance to last year’s appearance, consider that Pablo’s day wasn’t just about the scoreless inning that ended with him inducing a double play. He also hit a three-run home run and stole a base.

The last time that happened was...

The only other time the feat was achieved, it was also accomplished by a Giants player in a game against the Reds. Hall of Famer Christy Mathewson threw nine shutout innings, hit a homer and stole a base in a victory on May 23, 1905, according to the Elias Sports Bureau’s data.

This is a reverse color scheme of last year’s shirt, so if you already bought that one, consider adding this one so you can have home and away shirts. Last year’s Let Pablo Pitch shirt wearers appeared on TV, sparked a conversation, or were Sam Dyson:

The Giants will be giving away a Let Pablo Pitch bobble head this weekend in honor of last year’s inning — get a head start on celebrating this year’s appearance in Cincinnati, and perhaps the first of many more in 2019, by adding the new Let Pablo Pitch shirt to your collection.