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Giants @ Rockies postponed. Instead, discuss Sharks and NBA Playoffs?

Derek Holland (LHP; 1-4, 5.17 FIP) vs. Jon Gray (RHP; 3-3, 4.67 FIP)

Houston Astros v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Is there a game? Will it be played? Or will the weather create a lengthy delay? Maybe even a reschedule, can you imagine? Two doubleheaders we can look forward to, right here in Coors Field where there’s plenty to do. Doubles and triples and Dinger — can you imagine?

There’s so much Coors to seeeeeeeeeee...


Anyway, this game might get rained the f out, so if that happens, please fill this space as you normally would with nothing but wall to wall running NBA and NHL commentary. If there is a game, the Rockies have decided to throw a bunch of right-handed batters at Derek Holland:

RF — Charlie Blackmon
SS — Trevor Story
3B — Nolan Arenado
1B — Mark Reynolds
LF — Raimel Tapia
CF — Ian Desmond
2B — Ryan McMahon
C — Tony Wolters
SP — Jon Gray

Holland was activated off the 10-day injured list, taking the place of Williams Jerez, who was sent back to Triple-A. We will probably see Jerez again once the Giants start unloading their bullpen arms for fringey utility players and 22-year old A-ball lottery tickets, but just in case we don’t, we’ll always have this image from Natto:

Meanwhile, Buster Posey looked like he had altitude sickness or just needed a blow last night, so here is Stephen Vogt catching and batting third... if this game even gets played. Maybe this is just one of those wild lineups Bochy made because he knew it wouldn’t count.

Oh, and one quick note about last night’s game:

Regardless of what happens in Coors Field, GO SHARKS.