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Tuesday BP, 5/7/19

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve often had this debate before, but I’m here to make another push for my anti-day baseball position, and here’s why.

9:00am: I arrived at a seminar for work, where I would have no access to the internet outside of breaks.

10:15am: I went on my first break of the day, only to find out that BEES HAD DELAYED THE START OF THE GAME. Come on! You can’t bee late on the jokes for something like that, and I missed all the fun. And the intrigue! Like, how did Derek Dietrich even HAVE a beekeeper suit just ready to rock? I may never know, now.

Lunch Break: I finally get to check on the game only to find out that PABLO HAD PITCHED AND I MISSED IT. There are few things I like more in this life than pitchers hitting unexpectedly well and animals interrupting a baseball game and one of those few things is position players pitching! I saw that he didn’t give up any runs, but do I know how? Not a clue! I may never know.

/readers point out that this is a Giants blog with Giants content that I could easily just go read.

I may never know.

In conclusion, baseball before 4:00pm during the week should be strictly banned and you’ll never convince me otherwise.