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Monday BP, 5/6/19

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Breakfast baseball is a rarity, and so is a Monday game against the same team they played all weekend. But we get both today! The Giants will face off against the Reds for the fourth time on this getaway day, before they face them again this weekend. Because that’s just what we all were clamoring for, seven games against this team in a week and a half. Woohoo!

Today’s schedule is going to be a little weird. The game starts at 9:35am, so this BP is pretty much just a placeholder until the game thread goes up in a little while. After that, the recap will be the thread for the day, so make sure you keep up, don’t want anyone getting left behind in the chops.

Just a reminder to take Game of Thrones conversations to this week’s Thread of Thrones. These have been quite lively over the last week, so I look forward to seeing your takes.

As for the rest of you, well, I guess this officially counts as the breakfast thread. Which breakfast pairs best with morning baseball?