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Kevin Pillar cares nothing for your ridiculous home run attempts, silly rookie

You know nothing, Nick Senzel.

MLB: New York Yankees at San Francisco Giants Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

During an ugly loss, one has to at least attempt to appreciate the beauty that manages to attach itself within stolen moments of a game. Center fielder Kevin Pillar seems to understand this and managed to give San Francisco fans a little something to cling to in their desperate attempt to collect even the tiniest shards of momentary happiness during a really butt ugly loss. Seriously – post Thanksgiving day toilet plungers looked prettier than this game. Just saying.

On Saturday evening as the Giants still basked in the afterglow of their phenomenal (and basically improbable) comeback 12-11 win over the Cincinnati Reds, the home team (with their bruised ego) stepped up in a big way and managed to give the Giants the finger by crushing their spirits 9-2 as starting pitcher Dereck Rodriguez set a career-high by allowing (count ‘em) eight earned runs in five innings and four homers.

So let’s not look at that ugliness. Avert your eyes and gaze upon a unicorn.

During the third inning of the orange and black blood bath, Pillar channeled his inner Spider Man, climbed the Great American Ball Park’s eight-foot wall, and gave a brief sigh of relief to a game that felt like a burst of freezing cold air on a raw empty tooth socket. Pillar managed to rob Reds rookie Nick Senzel of a home run. Should we be celebrating a ruthless yet awe-inspiring home run robbery in a rookie’s major league debut game? Yes. And why is that? Because the guy actually ended up celebrating his actual first home run a little later.

No tears shed - especially since we lost the game.

That being said, allow us to marvel at this from a separate angle for just a second:

The nonchalant aspect of Pillar’s ease of pulling a gosh darn Arya Stark move needs to be frozen in time and framed in the Smithsonian for future generations to marvel upon. THE MAN LITERALLY HAD TO READJUST HIS ARM TO MAKE THE CATCH CLOSER TO THE FIELD. The only thing that would add to this moment is if someone added the Titanic theme to it.

Are we going to ignore the fact that Pillar was able to complete this stunning feat yet somehow managed to not reach a few other Reds home runs that sailed clear over the fence?

Look, in a paper-cut-on-a-cold-nipple loss such as this one, you take what you can get.