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Saturday BP, 5/4/19

Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado Rockies Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of the greatest headline ever featured on McCovey Chronicles.

In this 17-7 loss, the Giants gave up an AT&T Park record for most runs allowed in an inning (13). But worse, still, was that it was a franchise record for the Colorado Rockies. I’ll let Grant’s past words elaborate on that:

The Rockies play in Coors Field. They set their franchise record for runs scored in an inning at AT&T Park. This is your dog eating a very nice spread of hummus and veggies, and you eating your kid’s homework. This is your car driving you into a retaining wall. This isn’t supposed to happen.

This wasn’t even the first game like this the Giants played in that season. They had, about a week before, lost a stinker to the Mets in New York, 13-1, in which the Mets had a 12-run inning. But that, at least, was aided by a grand slam from Yoenis Cespedes (in his second at bat of the inning, scoring his second run.)

This was just a non-stop ground assault, with Mike Broadway (whose ERA shot up to 11.81 because of this game) becoming the sacrificial lamb, never playing in the big leagues again.

Kind of puts a little perspective on this season. There may have been some bad games, but they aren’t quite “drop 12 runs in a single inning for the second time in a week” bad, and that’s an important thing to remember.