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The majority of FanPulse voters have lost a pulse on the Giants

The record is grim and the latest feedback is even worse.

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Nurse Takes Pulse Photo by Three Lions/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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It’s not looking good in FanPulse Country. This week, just 27% of voters expressed confidence in the Giants’ direction. That’s... still not the worst fandom.

Top Five Least Confident Fanbases

5. St. Louis Cardinals - 30%

4. San Francisco Giants - 27%

3. Pittsburgh Pirates - 26%

2. Cleveland - 23%

1. Washington Nationals - 6%

Not a typo. Just six percent of Washington Nationals FanPulse voters have confidence in the team’s direction, and that’s with a 20% vote of confidence in their manager, Dave Martinez.

The Nationals are at 24-32, fourth place in the NL East, and nine games behind the Phillies for first place. On the other hand, they’re just six games back of the second Wild Card with 106 games to go, the ninth-best offense in the National League in terms of runs scored and the best starting pitching in the National League by nearly one full win above replacement.

Yes, the Nationals’ 7.7 fWAR bests the Dodgers (6.8), Reds (5.8), and the Diamondbacks (5.5)... it also bests the Rays (7.1) and Twins (6.2) — they just have the best starting rotation in baseball.

So, with maybe a tweak to their lineup — they’re getting negative offensive value from their catching duo of Yan Gomes, but also, Howie Kendrick is second on the team in fWAR — and an overhaul of their bullpen (a collective -0.6 fWAR), they should be able to right their ship. It’s not a 6% confidence situation. And yet...

Meanwhile, I think we can all agree that the Giants’ FanPulse voters are spot on with their level of confidence. If I said to you the Giants had, like, a 27% chance of being kinda-maybe-sorta just okay the rest of the season, you’d probably agree with that assessment — maybe even find it a little too optimistic.

Why the 27% vote of confidence led to a 10% drop in Bruce Bochy’s job approval (from 79% last week to 69% this week) will remain a mystery. We’re ten weeks into the season and it’s hard to fathom how Bruce Bochy has anything to do with the team’s problems. He’s not giving at bats to “undeserving veterans” and blocking younger players. He’s not even leaving pitchers in for unreasonable lengths of time. The team is tired, old, and bad. Hardly the manager’s fault.

Still, if Bruce Bochy is reading this for some reason... Bruce, consider getting yourself ejected at some point this weekend. But, like, go really big. Make it theatrical. I don’t mean some hackneyed Fortnite dance, either. I mean really theatrical.

Like this.

I think you can pull it off, Boch. Donald O’Connor was a malnourished chain smoker who had to be rushed to the hospital the second they yelled cut on this scene. With 21st century nutrition and exercise, you can easily get to this level or performance with very little preparation. Just... consider it.

FanPulse voters are starved for entertainment, and they’re taking it out on you.

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