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This MLB Version of “The Star Spangled Banner” is bonkers good

Turn your volume ALL the way up.

MLB: Spring Training-San Francisco Giants at Milwaukee Brewers

While it doesn’t really compare to the high-end drama of NBA Twitter, it’s clear that MLB Twitter has a mind of its own. Whether it’s fans and/or beat writers screaming about an ump’s “optional” strike zone, or pulling their hair out when their team loses to the worst team in baseball (I’m not naming any names…) those Twitter moments serve as an ersatz which manages to calm our nerves for a split second in time.

That being said, what Twitter user @DonZemmer did here is nothing short of freaking awesome:

The amount of creativity that formed this absolute beauty is staggering. @DonZemmer managed to recreate the wheel here by composing the original song by Louis Daniel Armstrong using ONLY the names of almost 60 past and present baseball players.

Some notable names most will recognize:

Jose Conseco

Cliff Lee

Rougned Odor

Barry Bonds

Miguel Sano

Tony Watson

And, of course, Babe Ruth.

And this isn’t the first time Zemmer has Zemmerfied a song using baseball players either. Check out this gem he did where he redid the “oh god, it’s stuck in my head again cause my kids won’t stop singing it” immensely popular song “Let it Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.

Not only does these two particular pieces serve up a hefty knowledge of baseball players combined with a passion for ear-worm Disney tunes and all out patriot jewels, it also is a firm reminder that players way back in the day had THE ABSOLUTE BEST NAMES IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME. I’m not lying here. Wheezer Dell? Favel Wordsworth? One of these guys HAD to have been wearing a monocle when he stepped into the batter’s box and I won’t see it any other way.

Another song that Zemmer might consider when he has the time? “Baby Shark” (to be honest, I’m so surprised this one hasn’t been done yet cause you KNOW it could be tailored to somehow fit Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus’ name in there since it’s been his walk up song this season). I mean, it’s partly San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija’s nickname for Pete’s sake!

Major League Baseball has tried to revamp itself in the past few years in order to appease to a younger audience (which included attempting to shorten games by way of automatic intentional walks and fewer mound visits) while making the game fun and light, when all they clearly have to do is hire this Twitter account to generate new marketing campaigns.