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Monday BP, 5/27/19

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images

Happy Memorial Day, McCoven!

As a special treat, we’ve decided to cancel the game today so none of you would be subjected to any more Giants baseball than absolutely necessary this weekend.

So today I’m going to just kind of do a tweet dump of all the things I either missed or didn’t get to this week.

First up, the lone highlight from Friday night’s loss, a fantastic catch from Steven Duggar:

Then there was this bit of good news about Will Smith on Thursday:

Another fun fact from Julie, who is full of them, is that Bruce Bochy was unaware that Smashmouth are such outspoken fans and critics of the team. When I asked what his reaction was when he found out, Julie informed me that she wasn’t sure Bochy knew who they even were. Which is for the best, in my opinion.

Reyes Moronta dyed his hair blond, which brought on this obvious comparison by Bryan:

And finally, while I’m sure this isn’t new art from natt0, it was new to me. As a fan of the band, I approve of this.