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Sunday BP, 5/26/19

New York Yankees v San Francisco Giants
Is this an article about Metallica Day? No. I just like the picture.
Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend. And by that, I mean I hope you didn’t end up at any of these horrible, horrible games this weekend. If you did, my condolences to you.

The Giants have been outscored 51-20 in the last week, which is not ideal. Three blowouts in a home stretch isn’t ideal either. And it’s definitely not good for ticket sales. Watching this team lose is bad enough, but watching them dole out runs by the dozen is just not a thing I would wish upon anyone.

The worst game I’ve been to in person was a blowout against the Braves in 2011. Which sucked, because I had won the owner of my law firm’s tickets from an essay contest, so they were the best seats I’ve ever sat in to this day. The main prize were his seats for Opening Day, and the winner got to be there for the ring ceremony. I did not win those, but he gave out tickets throughout the season to everyone who participated in the contest.

It quickly became apparent that that game was going to suck, so my date had us “downgrade” to a luxury box that his sister was in and we spent the rest of the night eating fajitas and drinking cheap (yet overpriced) beer and trying to forget we were even at a baseball game.

Have you been at any extremely bad blowout games? How do you cope? Do you leave, or do you just start laughing (like I did, during Friday night’s game)?